Firefox reaches 25 million desktops

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That’s the message this week from the Mozilla Foundation, whose Web browser Firefox has surpassed 25 million downloads in 100 days.

Mozilla, which released the free 1.0 program in November, says an average of 250,000 people download Firefox every day and more than half a million Web sites feature Firefox promotions. The group promotes the program as an alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which has become a target for computer virus writers and other security exploits.

“What was just a small flame 100 days ago has since exploded into a phenomenal demonstration of the power of open source,” lead Firefox architect Blake Ross wrote on a blog. “Tens of thousands of devoted users and fans are a powerful and capable force of change.”

Source: News.com


2 Responses to “Firefox reaches 25 million desktops”

  1. ben Says:


    ” an average of 25,000 people”

    250,000 people

  2. Aviran Says:

    Thank you for the correction, Fixed

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