Naked Video Game Vixens Return To Playboy

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Carla Valenti’s a NYPD detective. She’s 28 years old, stands 5′7″ and weighs 128 lbs. She’s currently leading the investigation into a stabbing at a local diner, trying to track down a suspect by the name of Lucas Kane.

So where in the world did she find the time to appear buck naked in the current issue of Playboy magazine?

Carla’s not real, mind you… She’s a character in Atari’s upcoming action/adventure game “Indigo Prophecy.” And she’s hardly alone. Seven other video game femmes fatale, heroines and bit characters have once again shimmied out of their clothes for a digital pictorial in the men’s magazine.

Joining Carla are a cheerleader from Midway’s upcoming “Blitz: The League,” Sony’s megahit “God of War,” Vivendi’s “50 Cent: Bulletproof,” “Playboy: The Mansion – Private Party,” “Darkwatch,” and “Hellgate: London.”

Source: CNN


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