Google Video censors Iraq footage - for US only

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Last month it was China, this month it’s the United States that a servile Google is doffing its cap to.

The internet search giant’s video service is blocking US viewers from seeing an innocuous piece of Iraq footage that Google delivers to internet users in the rest of the world without any problems.

The footage shows US military personnel detonating a roadside bomb in a controlled explosion. It’s accessible from everywhere except the United States. But US citizens - who bear the human and financial cost of such improvised weapons - are presented with this message:

Google video censor
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Described by one Reg reader as “very boring”, the footage shows little more than a distant plume of smoke. Google has little cause to prohibit the clip on grounds of taste - after all, under the banner of promoting “citizens media”, it cheerfully serves up “happy slapping” footage of school thugs beating up science students, and some impressive ejaculation shots from porn videos.

Source: The Register


2 Responses to “Google Video censors Iraq footage - for US only”

  1. GAH Says:

    PLEASE STOP spreading this total misinformation. boingboing has already debunked this total non-story.

    “Google is not censoring these videos. A spokesperson at Google tells Boing Boing:
    Video uploaders, using Google Video’s ‘Advanced Options’ feature, can choose to blacklist countries. In this case the uploader blacklisted the US and only the US. When uploading the video the content owner set a preference not to show this content to users in the US.”

  2. Elmo Says:

    Truth? Fiction? Offer any excuse you want. Any reason, any reason at all. Google refuses in every instance to accept responsibility for limiting the flow of information, across and through the net. Saying on one hand ‘We are not evil.’ But on the other, functionally being its embodiment. The internet toilet awaits Google. Going, going ….. . Sergey and Larry will not be missed from the Google homogenized virtual landscape.

    I have a dream, that one day little dial-up children, and little broadband children. Will surf the net free of the horrific constrainsts of the Windows operating system. And without the bloody shackles of being Gaggled by Google.

    I have a dream …..

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