Japan launches digital TV on cellphones

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apan has begun to watch digital television broadcasts on mobile telephones, in a highly anticipated service that could lead to a new genre of TV programs.

Handsets have been on the market in Japan for several weeks that are equipped with the service, which can also broadcast programs onto laptop computers, high-end video-game machines and other terminals.

The service will be free for now and programming will be the same as on home televisions as mobile operators examine whether One Seg will prove to be popular.

“In the short-term, digital terrestrial broadcasting on mobiles with the same programming as normal televisions will be of little interest for us,” Masao Nakamura, CEO of Japan’s top mobile operator NTT DoCoMo, said recently.

“But we are getting ready by preparing new specific content for the service that could come into use later when new channels are available,” he said.

Source: AP


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