Israeli Hackers Hacked Iranian Government Sites

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To “celebrate” the 58th independence day of Israel today, Israeli hackers hacked several Iranian web sites such as the ministry of sciences and technology (which is responsible for the development of nuclear technology in Iran), ministry of commerce and others.

Visitors to the hacked web site got redirected to a web site filled with messages, and some history and geography lessons to the Muslim world and to the Iranians people .

Hacked site

A message from the hackers:

Unlike Islam’s Koran, which commands Muslims to force the entire planet to submit to literal control by Islam, the Jewish Torah promises the children of Israel a modest and reasonable allotment of land. Israel in RED , is a democratic nation 1/19th the size of California, surrounded by 22 hostile Arab/Islamic dictatorships with 640 times her size, 60 times her population and ALL the oil. How dare Arab propagandists call Israel “expansionist!” And how dare anyone believe them! How can Israel, which occupies one-sixth of one percent of the lands called Arab, be responsible for the political dissatisfaction of 22 Arab countries? How can the 13 million Jews in the world (almost 5 million fewer than they were in 1939!) be blamed for the problems of the 300 million Arabs, who have brotherly ties to 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide?

The hacked page also contains a map of the Arab countries, a brief history of the Jews in Iran, and a list of Islamic vs Jewish Nobel Prize winners.

After the discovery the hacked web sites went off line for several hours until they got restored. Since the hackers did not destroy any database, nor erased any files from the hacked sites (only planted a redirect tag) the hacked websites are now fully operational.

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37 Responses to “Israeli Hackers Hacked Iranian Government Sites”

  1. guy Says:

    this is hillarious

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It’s ridiculous that the media still favors the Arabs.

  3. vk Says:

    This is brilliant. Kudos to the ones responsible.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Since “it’s ridiculous the media favors the Arabs”, how about if we instead have the Arabs get their land back and have the media favor the Israelis. Would that be more acceptable?

  5. sw Says:

    The whole world is coming against Israel just as the scriptures predicted. I think the worst is yet to come, but in the end…the enemies of Israel will see how wrong they were. Nice work on this.

  6. Teddy Ruxpin Says:

    BOMB IRAN!!!

  7. nipples Says:

    Yet another israeli crime. Don’t you people have some palestinan babies to kill instead of vandalizing websites?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    We don’t kill them. They keep blowing themselves up.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Jews are smarter, great gift given to them by God, use it wisely.

  10. Johnny Bravo Says:

    Guys, you all have the potential to be nice and bring peace in your personal lives. You don’t have to worry about bringing peace into the lives of other people. Loving them will be the best you can do, over any action. Let them know you love them. You’ll be surprised with all the free time you’ll have to be with them.

  11. starspacer Says:


  12. truthspeaks Says:

    Religion and racism are the true causes of conflict in almost every part of the world.

    “The concept ‘god’ has hitherto been the greatest objection to existence… We deny god; in denying god, we deny accountability: only by doing that do we redeem the world. — ”


    Grow up and live as people together and not as slaves to different gods.

  13. teamcanada Says:

    nicely done. peaceful but gets the point across.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Very classy.

    #4, the Jews literally own the land of Israel, as in “paid-money-for-the-property” own. Why should they give it back to the Arabs? The Israelis have the right to their homeland by sanction of the UN and by divine mandate of the almighty Cash.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Fricking religions….they’re all the same.

    Atheism for the win.

  16. Michael Says:

    What is the truth anymore regarding Palestine, Israel, and the greater Arab world? Whose media can I trust? What I do know is that there is hatred to such an extent that rational arguement is not sufficient to solve the problem. Without further information that I can regard as unbiased, it is difficult for me to state an opinion. One thing I do know though is that Israel is not a secular nation. Neither is the US. I know I would not feel welcome in Israel, and the situation isn’t getting much better here in the US. I’m certain that as an Agnostic I am not welcome in any religous nation whether it is Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. Could it be, just maybe, that religion is the intractable problem?

  17. nipples Says:

    “We don’t kill them. They keep blowing themselves up.”

    Lying like the stinking jew you are.

  18. malcontent Says:

    Whoo Whoo. Keep 3.5 million arabs under occupation, kill a few thousand a year for fun and hack their web sites!.

    Arabs are pwoned!. I can’t wait till you guys start killing them by the tens of thousands like we do. It’s fun and profitable to kill arabs. Maybe you guys can take over the iranian oil wells like we took over the iraqis. Sure we got the bigger share but there is still enough to you left.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    invading iran’s web space is just a juvenile ‘we are smarter than you’ prank and will only serve to piss people off. the hackers would be better off creating an independent online resource to teach israeli and palestinian children the negative impacts of violence and western interference on the region’s long term growth.

  20. stupid Says:

    Religion is the cause of all evil in the world today, if people could sit down and realise that every single religion basically folows the same god the same beliefs and the fact that if the all mighty ruler of all peoples faith wanted us to continually kill each other like children fighting over who said what first, and constantly following in the shadow of a book or books that were written not by the people that they are about but by people who heard the story from someone who heard about these people then he probably would have made an 11th comandtment ‘Thou shalt all be C*&%S to each other till the world burns’

    or mayb e i’m just not reading into it enough to be as brainwashed as the rest of the world.


    Peace to you all.

  21. Iran Says:

    Iran Is the Best . Fuck All of u . fuck your mothers

  22. Iran Says:

    whose country can bomb Iran? :)) USA?:)) Israel:))? or England?:)) no no , dont kidding man , iran is very powerfull , if you dont belive me , you can test it

  23. One Of Iranian boyz Says:

    i have 1 question !
    in your mind ==> iranian are arab ???
    ohhh boyz …
    what can i say ?
    im so sorrt 4 u … if you think that

  24. ninemurderas Says:

    War solves nothing

  25. deepak Says:

    god mujhe exams me pass karva dena peoples mere liye god se mere liye pray karo god se ke deepak pass ho jaye thanks

  26. proud israeli Says:

    well we will bomb iran just as we bomed iraq
    and we will win at the end thouse plastinians keep blowing thesevs up!
    nipples - if you dount belive it well may be you shuld try come and live in israel
    when you aftraid live homes and go to the malls
    its allmost imposible to keep the economy like that ,
    they think that 70 vergins are waiting for them in haven if they blow up some jews,
    well mny friend they are terrebly wrong whats waiting for them is a long term contract of
    nothing !
    yep there is no such thing is haven, haven is when you enoy life and not when you finish your life to enjoy!!!!

  27. codith Says:

    thank you all for the appreciation.

    we’re going to do it again this year.


  28. a persian boy Says:

    Hi guys
    You don`t know anything about iran.even you don`t know iranians are no arab so you want give an opinion about iran?now iran has an untoward reign and there are so inequality between iranian government and people.iranian people haven`t any problem with america and israel and…..
    We in iran hate arabs.(they fu*ked our culture)
    i`m telling you again You dont know anything about iran

  29. Anonymous Says:

    you bastards, spies!!!!!

  30. olajide Says:

    I pray they will be able to do even more

  31. m3dive Says:

    look we people of iran dont want fight with Israil ! we want peace … israil didnt have any problem with Iran , but iran Government started Threat israil people ! so i think iran is Culprit in this problem …

    i just want say iran people are not israil enemy , but iran goverment is israil enemy ! we dont want hit or kill any israil man and please you dont hate iranian people too ,

    iran people and iran government have many differences ;)

  32. moses Says:


    i ‘m a persian (iranian) jew and i just want to say that it’s the stupid arab government of iran that is always sayaing these stupid things but the real truth is that persian people are not arabs and they like israel and and they hate arabs that always want war and want to take over the PERSIAN GULF.
    before the stupid islamic government iran and israel were friends.
    i have to say i’m happy that some of those stupid islamic governmet websites are hacked.

    538 BC (2538 years ago): Cyrus offers the Jews their freedom to leave Babylon and return to Judah.

  33. Eurybaric Says:

    Hello people,

    I am a christian lebanese, and i truly understand what you are talking about. What is goin on in iran is very close to what is in lebanon. We as lebanese people do not have any problems with israel, we want peace. But just like at your place, our freakin ARAB government (or the stronger part of it (eg Hezbullah) want to make war with everybody!! Well what the fuck is that?! We dont want to send rockets to israel to kill jews! thats plainly stupid! plus there is something people in the region should be aware of : arent the arabs, who say want to take back invaded territory, conquerors themselves!? tell me, what the F*ck do they have to do with this land?! I understand that they consider saudi arabia as their land, but THIS IS NOT THEIR LAND!! NOT LEBANON, NOT SYRIA, NOT ISRAEL, NOT PALESTINE, NOT ANYWHERE! why does everybody talk about israely killing palestinans when the arabs themselves massacred hundreds of thousands since their conquests in 600 AD, for the sole reason that they did not worship mohammad or his book-from-the-skies!!!

    Thumbs up for the hackers, thumbs up for the people of iran!

    PEEEAAAACCEEEEE to our neighboors ;)

  34. arash Says:

    Help stopping this site: They are trying to identify Iranian protesters

    http://www.gerdab.ir /fa/pages/?cid=۴۲۲?۲

  35. aryan Says:

    eyy wait a second who says that iranian are arabs man go to school first and than try to hack and really good job u did hack iran 1 time and they hack u evry day isnt it

  36. aryan Says:

    and u know and i know that actualy iranian and israeli govrement need each other a lot and are very close friends if they wouldnt exist who else had they 2 fight with and if ther is no enemy for israel for example than people see the small problems so they make a big problem 2 cover the other smaller problems

    by the way im iranian and got no problem with jewsh evrywhr got good and bad people

  37. aryan Says:

    but 2 all the haters that think they could do somthing to iran, f u all its 80 mil people that hate their own govrement but wouldnt give u a feet of their land so dont mean to be root or somthing ok

    peace all jewsh in the world we all gods creature

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