Newegg.com Launches Its Eggxpert.com Community

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Newegg.com, a leading online computer superstore based in California, is formally launching their multi-faceted tech community Eggxpert.com on June 20th, 2007.

With an enthusiastic customer-base made mostly of computer and technology aficionados, Newegg is aiming to create a destination that is above and beyond the typical tech support forum with Eggxpert.com. Their goal is for it to be a well-frequented meeting space for a community that will exchange ideas on a broad range of topics, build personal relationships, come to identify with Eggxpert and Newegg, and ultimately consider it a virtual home-base to revisit time and again.

In keeping with the idea of making Eggxpert.com an all-encompassing technology community site, the development team has added a few features not normally found in forums.

One of these is the built-in Eggxpert Blog Community. Advice and product review blogs written by knowledgeable techies have long been popular with the technology crowd. Further, Eggxpert hopes that giving a “personal space” to its forum members will encourage them to get to know one another on a deeper level than simply as casual forum chat buddies.

Another innovation Eggxpert has planned is a technology database called Eggipedia. Originally meant to serve as an archive for the thousands of comprehensive product information pages on Newegg.com, Eggipedia is now being created as a free content encyclopedia for all things technological. Like its namesake, Eggipedia will allow users to edit existing entries and to create entirely new pages by supplying their own information.


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