Google Ordered To Reveal Blogger’s Identity

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Israeli court ordered Google to reveal the identity of a blogger that uses Google’s own blogging platform, Blogger.
The blogger accused a Shaarei Tikva comity member of illegal acts all through his blog posts. Google objected to the request claiming freedom of speech, however the court sided with the plaintiff and said that since the plaintiff is a public figure running for reelection, he is allowed to confront his accuser and clear his name.

Google notified the blogger about the case against him and offered him to reveal himself or to defend his anonymity in court. Since the blogger did not respond, Google left to fight the court and lost the case. Google will reveal the blogger’s IP address. This is the first case in Israel where Google is ordered to reveal a user’s identity. It seems strange to me that a company like Google did not fight harder to protect its users and did not appeal this decision

The plaintiff sued the blogger for defamation.

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