Suit Against Microsoft “Replace My Vista With XP”

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An Israeli lawyer is suing Microsoft and Lenovo, asking the companies to replace his pre-installed Vista with Windows XP for free.

Guy Ofir, an Israeli lawyer bought a new Lenovo laptop in August last year. In his suit he claims that he has to suffer all of Vista’s problems which up until not were not solved. He claims that his laptop is very slow in addition to repeated computer problems caused by Vista.

When Ofir asked Lenovo to replace his Vista OS with Windows XP they refused and just formatted his computer every time and reinstalled Windows Vista, which he claims did not solve his problems.

To support his claim Ofir went to a computer expert which stated that the laptop works much slower with Vista than with Windows XP.

Ofir claims that he could not purchase a new laptop in Israel without Vista pre-installed since the old operating system is not sold by Microsoft any more. While Lenovo offer their customers to replace Vista with XP for a fee, Ofir claims that it proves that Lenovo acknowledge the problems with the new operating system.
In addition he claims that in order to run Windows Vista smoothly he would need a faster and better computer than the one he got which was stated it was Vista Ready.

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