Honda Demonstrates Motorcycle To Car Communication Technology

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In its efforts to improve safety for everyone, especially vulnerable road users, Honda’s leading motorcycle to car communication system is being demonstrated for the first time in Europe at the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium event taking place at the Opel Test Track in Dudenhofen, Germany, from 22-23 October 2008.

The system generates warnings to riders and drivers of other vehicles by continuous exchange of positioning data from satellite GPS sources. This is particularly relevant as road users approach intersections, alerting them to other vehicles that are potentially on a collision course, allowing avoidance manoeuvres.

The demonstration will exhibit the interoperability of the Honda life-saving system which facilitates communication with vehicles from 8 other manufacturers. European research data shows that the majority of accidents involving a motorcycle are caused by perception failures and this system will reduce these failures.

On a personal note another great application for this technology is that if technology is deployed on all cars it can be one of the key technologies to an auto driver where cars can drive themselves without human intervention.


14 Responses to “Honda Demonstrates Motorcycle To Car Communication Technology”

  1. joe Says:


  2. Anon Says:

    It’s only boring if you aren’t someone who was crippled by an inattentive car driver turning across your path completely oblivious to your approach. If you were, you’d be excited at the limbs and lives this could save.

  3. Steve Says:

    But will the car driver take any notice? What if the driver is too busy yakking on the mobile phone!

    I reckon an active system would be better. Hit the brakes on the car to avoid the collision.

  4. Rob Says:

    I’ve always felt a system like this would also be useful to warn vehicles of approaching emergency vehicles.

  5. Andy K. Says:

    Usually I just use my middle finger to communicate with cars while i’m on my hog!!


  6. hedora Says:

    If this catches on, motorcyclists will come to rely on it, and end up plowing into older vehicles that don’t have the technology.

    Not *all* motorcylists, but there are plenty of reckless ones to go around…

    An active system would be even worse unless done very carefully. Otherwise that guy that weaves in and out of traffic on the freeway would start causing other cars to automatically slam on the brakes…

  7. Steve in KC Says:

    That high-speed “weaver” on the interstate would be me, then all the car driving friends of Andy K would communicate with me with their middle finger :-)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Obviously a system like this can be retrofit to any vehicle - given supply and demand.

  9. AKRefugee Says:

    This sounds just like the TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) used on commercial airliners. It not only advises of conflicts but based on the speed, direction, current altitude and whether the aircraft are climbing or descending will also provide a recommended action to take (climb, descend, turn right, turn left) it is not an automated system in that it does not take control of the aircraft (yet) but it quite loudly advises both crews of the conflict and the recommended action. It remains the responsibility of each crew to take action to avert the conflict. Big requirement is that both aircraft must be transmitting their positions so that the software can make a prediction of future position.

    For this to truly work would require all vehicles, including motorcycles) to be equipped with GPS devices. Very costly requirement that the auto makers would balk at. Imagine the screams we would hear from the motorcycle manufacturers.

  10. John Says:

    Would be nice if it could be adapted for Bicyclists & pedestrians.

  11. Honda Car Deals Says:

    Really makes good sense, but we never thought of it… thanks for the info.

  12. Streetfighter Magazine Says:

    The last thing drivers need is more technology… people just need to pay attention more!

  13. motorcycle Helmets Says:

    There;s a little sense to it but it might a little boring..

  14. discount Says:

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