Google Let Users Opt Out Of Interest Based Ads

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As users browse websites in the AdSense network, including YouTube, Google stores an advertising cookie in a user’s browser to understand the types of pages that user is visiting. This information is used to show ads based on interest categories that might appeal to users. For example, if a user browses many sports-related websites displaying AdSense ads or watches sports-related videos on YouTube, Google may associate a sports interest category with their cookie and show the user more sports-related ads. Users can also edit their list of interest categories within the Ads Preferences Manager.

The user information Google gather from AdSense sites is used in accordance with Google’s privacy policy. It is not used to identify users personally and we don’t show ads based on personal information. We also will not show ads based on sensitive information or interest categories, such as those based on race, religion, sexual orientation, health, or sensitive financial categories, without a user’s opt-in consent.

Users can opt out from the interest base advertising by downloading a cookie to their browser, however since cookies are temporary you’ll need to download the cookie again and agin every time you clean your browser cookies. Fortunately Google also provides a browser plugin which will let you opt out permanently from this kind of tracking.


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    Your website looks like SHIT in Firefox.

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    Ok. It’s fixed now, or you were working on it when I 1st viewed it…

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