Death row prisoner’ last moments live on the net

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INMATES in a Thai prison are to be filmed for web broadcasts aimed at deterring criminals, the country’s government announced today.

Viewers will be able to see lags going about their daily lives and bosses even intend to show convicts’ last moments before execution.

Cameras have already been installed in the Bangkwang maximum security prison on the outskirts of Bangkok but a broadcast date has not yet been set.

The prison has nearly 6,000 inmates, around 1,000 of whom are sentenced to death with 65 awaiting execution with no appeals pending.

“From now on people can see life in prison through the internet,” Corrections Department chief Nathee Chitsawang said.

“The internet will show how we treat the convicts in their last minutes, including the preparation process, but at the time of execution, the viewer will be allowed to see only part of the process,” Mr Nathee added.

The purpose of the broadcasts was to make viewers, especially those tempted to deal in drugs, aware of the future they could face, he said.

Drug dealers in Thailand face the death penalty.

Amnesty International Thailand has opposed the broadcast proposal and urged the Corrections Department to review the plan.

The website should not show activities inside the prison, and should be mindful of human rights and show respect to the prisoners, Amnesty International said.

Source: The Sun

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