Whyville.net Becomes 10th Largest U.S. City

Filed under: — Aviran Mordo

Whyville.net, the online, educational virtual city for children, registered its 1 millionth “citizen” in December of 2004, making it the 10th largest city in the United States, ranked above Detroit and just below Dallas.

The virtual community is a graphical virtual world where kids aged 8 to 14 (67% girls) become citizens. They interact and learn together through educational activities that range from math and science to art and civics. Citizens create personas for themselves, write for the local newspaper, start virtual businesses, and campaign to become Whyville Senator.

Making the world go round is a virtual currency, the Whyville clam. Citizens earn clams by participating in educational games and other constructive activities. In Whyville, as in real life, clams improve one’s quality of life.

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