64-bit Windows nears release

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Microsoft said on Tuesday that it has issued a second, near-final version of several Windows updates, including the first desktop version of Windows to support 64-bit chips. Microsoft said it has finished “Release Candidate 2″ of Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, which also serves as the core for Windows Server 2003 x64 edition and Windows XP Professional x64 edition, with all three products set to be released before the end of June. The first Release Candidate versions were offered in December.

Source: News.com

Microsoft announces critical security bugs

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Microsoft Corp. released eight security fixes Tuesday that carry its highest threat rating and urged computer users to install them quickly because all the vulnerabilities they address could let attackers take complete control of systems.

Seven of the security vulnerabilities Microsoft marked “critical” affect the Windows operating system and related software, including the Internet Explorer browser, media player and instant messaging program. The eighth is with the Redmond software maker’s Office XP business software.

Microsoft also released four security fixes that carry lesser threat levels, but the problems could still let attackers gain some control of a system.

“This is a month that has a significant number of updates for customers to deploy,” conceded Stephen Toulouse, a Microsoft security program manager.

But he said the company works to make fixes available as soon as it has them.

Toulouse said anyone running any version of Windows will need to install at least one of the updates. Many of the fixes also apply to Service Pack 2, the massive security upgrade for Windows XP that was released this summer.

Among the fixes is a particularly important cumulative update for the Internet Explorer browser. It includes patches for vulnerabilities that have already been made public.

Source: Security Focus

Intel to Add 64-Bit Feature to Pentium Chips

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Intel Corp. , the world’s largest chip maker, said on Tuesday it would add 64-bit computing capabilities to its flagship Pentium 4 computer chips this month, allowing more powerful processing of large chunks of data.
The upgrade comes nearly 18 months after Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. introduced the feature in its own desktop chip, the Athlon 64. Intel, whose chips power more than 80 percent of all PCs, has said it would not introduce 64-bit computing into its desktop PC parts until software could take advantage of the extra power.

While Microsoft Corp. has yet to introduce a 64-bit version of its Windows XP operating system, Intel’s vice president of business products group Robert Crooke said: “Certainly we expect that now is the right time for that.”

The 64-bit feature will ship this month in the 600 series Pentium 4 product, the highest-tier part, and be introduced throughout the Pentium 4 product line this year, Crooke said. Intel already ships 64-bit processors with its Xeon and Itanium lines of chips for computer servers.

Intel would not confirm how it would brand its 64-bit capable Pentium 4 chips, but recent trademark filings show the company has prepared a new logo with the “Intel Inside” name surrounded by dots and “VIIV” — presumably referring to the Roman numerals for 6 and 4 — below.

Source: Reuters

Google launched a new map service

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In its latest play in the ongoing search wars, Google on Tuesday quietly launched a beta site for a new map service.

Google Maps offers maps, driving directions and the ability to search for local businesses. The search giant appears to be working with TeleAtlas for the mapping products. Neither Google nor TeleAtlas could be reached for comment.

The service offers a few tweaks to standard mapping products. Someone using the service can click and drag the maps, instead of having to click and reload, for example, and magnified views of specific spots pop up in bubbles. The new map service supports Internet Explorer and Mozilla browsers. It covers the United States, Puerto Rico and parts of Canada.

Source: News.com

Microsoft to Acquire Enterprise Anti-Virus, Sybari Software

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Microsoft Corp. today announced that it has signed definitive agreements to acquire Sybari Software Inc., a leading provider of security products that help more than 10,000 businesses worldwide protect their messaging and collaboration servers from viruses, worms and spam. Microsoft will use this acquisition to further provide its enterprise customers with new solutions to help protect them from malicious software.

Microsoft’s enterprise security strategy, providing anti-virus technologies that shield communications servers and supply customers with multiple-engine protection that can help with increased detection rates of malicious software. In a recent ICSA Labs survey, e-mail attachments were cited as the means of infection in 88 percent of virus incidents in corporate environments, a clear indication that further innovation is required.

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