Game maker sues over nude volleyball

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Game publisher Tecmo announced Wednesday that it has sued users of an Internet message board that distributes hacks for its games, including several that remove the bikinis from players in a popular volleyball game.

The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Chicago, accuses Web site administrators Mike Greiling of Eden Prairie, Minn., Will Glynn of Davie, Fla., and others of knowingly infringing on Tecmo’s proprietary software for the games, which run on Microsoft’s Xbox console.

Greiling could not be located for comment, and Glynn was not immediately available. The site in question, www.ninjahacker.net, appears to have been abandoned.

Tecmo, a Torrance, Calif.-based subsidiary of Japan’s Tecmo, said it has launched an investigation “to find and identify all offenders in this case.” The lawsuit charges the defendants with violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and seeks unspecified damages.

Some of the most popular game hacks circulating on the site were for “Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
“, which features scantily clad women. The hacks created new “skins” for the characters, rendering them naked.

The publisher posted a warning on its main Web site last year vowing action against those distributed the hacks. “We’re watching you very closely!” the notice read. “Please do not post anything about nude patches and other hacked information or you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law…So far we’re tracking one suspect, anybody care to be the second?”

Tecmo’s parent company won a similar case in Japan two years ago in which it sued distributors of a naked hack for the action game “Dead or Alive II.”

Source: News.com

Apple releases Mac OS X v10.3.8

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Apple on Wednesday posted Mac OS X v10.3.8. The new version of the operating system is available for download directly from Apple’s Web site as a 27.7MB file, and through the Software Update system preference pane. If you don’t find it right away through Software Update, be patient, as its distribution is spreading.

According to Apple, key updates in this release include improved OpenGL technology and updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers; improved file sharing and directory services for mixed Mac and PC networks; improved compatibility for third party applications and devices; and previous standalone security updates.

The software is available for download from Apple’s Web site either as a Delta Installer, suitable for updating systems running Mac OS X v10.3.7 to v10.3.8, or a Combo Installer, which can update any version of Mac OS X v10.3 to v10.3.8. Information posted to Apple’s Web site provides more details about the enhancements made with Mac OS X v10.3.8:

Source: Yahoo

Yahoo Tests Toolbar for Firefox Browser

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Yahoo Inc. said late on Wednesday it has released a test version of its toolbar for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

Yahoo Firefox Toolbar
Yahoo Firefox Toolbar (Source)

Toolbars from companies such as Yahoo enable users to go directly to particular services, such as e-mail or Web search, by simply clicking on an icon.

Source: Yahoo

Pfizer, Microsoft Sue Over Illegal Viagra

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Pfizer Inc. and Microsoft Corp. said on Thursday they filed parallel lawsuits against Web site operators and spam advertisers that they say sell illegal cheap versions of Pfizer’s erectile dysfunction drug Viagra.

The companies said the lawsuits follow a seven-month investigation to discover the identity of two Web site operators together with those advertising them via spam e-mails.

Pfizer has filed suit against CanadianPharmacy and E-Pharmacy Direct, while Microsoft has filed civil actions against the spam advertisers for the Web sites. Microsoft has also filed three suits against spam advertisers who advertise on other online pharmacies.

Source: Yahoo

Symantec anti-virus flaw hits 30 products

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A cross-platform flaw affecting many Symantec security products - both consumer and enterprise - has been discovered. Users of Symantec’s Norton SystemWorks 2004, Norton SystemWorks 2004 (both Mac and Windows), Norton AntiVirus 2004, corporate anti-virus apps and Brightmail anti-spam software (among others) all need to apply patches following the discovery of the “highly critical” security bug. In all 30 packages are affected.

The vulnerability stems from a flaw in an antivirus scanning component (called the DEC2EXE parsing engine) involving the processing of UPX compressed files. Maliciously constructed UPX files could be created to cause a heap-based buffer overflow. This in turn makes it possible for malicious hackers to inject hostile code onto vulnerable systems, allowing them to be taken over by attackers.

Symantec said the vulnerable EC2EXE engine is no longer required to parse compressed files. It had already planned to dispense with the component across its product range and the discovery of vulnerability by security tools vendor ISS has simply brought forward this process. Update details are here. ISS’s alert is here.

Source: The Register

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