Winamp blocks music-copying feature

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America Online is disabling a feature of its popular music software that had been used to evade copy-prevention features of digital music services, the company said Friday.

The company’s Winamp software was identified this week as part of a process that transformed copy-protected music downloads into songs that could be burned by the thousand to CD. The tool had potentially affected any subscription service that used Microsoft’s media format, including Napster, Virgin Music and even America Online’s own music subscription plan.

AOL has already removed the Winamp plug-in that made this process fairly simple. Programmers are developing a patch that will be automatically pushed to the software’s users. The patch will probably disable altogether the ability to play copy-protected songs in Microsoft’s format.

A new version of Winamp software will then be released that can once again play the Microsoft-formatted songs, but will block the stream-ripping capability, Burkart said.

Source: News.com

Spammer filed a complaint against Microsoft for extortion

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Microsoft Corp. threatens to sue Amir Ganes, the owner of an Israeli web marketing company, New Approach, for sending spam to Microsoft mail service users, hotmail.com.

In a letter sent to Ganes by Microsoft’s lawyer it says that unless Ganes agree to pay 500,000 NIS (~ $115,000), stop sending spam and publicly apologize for his actions they will sue him for 50 Million dollars.

In response Ganes filed a complaint to the Israeli police against Microsoft for extortion. Ganes told NRG, that he would rather die than to give up for the extortion of a large cooperation, that is labeled as a monopoly in several countries.

New York Times to Buy About.com

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The New York Times Co. on Thursday said it will buy online information portal About.com for $410 million from publisher Primedia Inc. as it looks for new ways to build advertising revenue over the Internet.

The Times Co., whose newspapers include The New York Times and The Boston Globe, said it will expand About.com’s content and visibility and use the site to market its products and those of advertisers.

Primedia bought About.com for $690 million in stock in late 2000, as it worked to meld its traditional publishing business with online media. But the publisher struggled to steer About.com through the Internet downturn and noted on Thursday that the portal is “completely distinct” from its other Web sites.

About.com provides consumers who search its database with information from expert “guides” on topics including health, finances, food, and travel.

Source: Yahoo

AMD Dual-Core Demo Get Two Thumbs Up

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AMD displayed the strength of the AMD64 dual-core ecosystem with four dual-core AMD Opteron™ processor technology demonstrations on existing partner server and workstation platforms at LinuxWorld Boston.

Demonstrated systems include a Cray XD1 supercomputer; the HP xw9300 Workstation powered by two dual-core AMD Opteron processors along with NVIDIA SLI dual PCI Express™ technology; the record-breaking HP ProLiant DL585 using four dual-core processors; and a Sun Fire V40z server powered by four dual-core AMD Opteron processors.

“Dual-core server processors directly address the primary concerns of enterprise customers—more power-efficient solutions that deliver increased performance,? said Marty Seyer, corporate vice president and general manager of the Microprocessor Business Unit, Computation Products Group, AMD. “Since 1999, we’ve been developing a multi-core strategy in collaboration with our customers. Because customer needs drive our innovations, customers will be able to adopt upcoming dual-core AMD64 processor-based systems without disrupting their existing infrastructure. We are committed to introducing straightforward technologies that deliver the best performance.?

To date, AMD is the only company to publicly demonstrate an x86 dual-core server solution. AMD has been shipping production samples of dual-core AMD Opteron processors to partners since January and plans to introduce a dual-core processor line-up for the one- to eight-socket server and workstation markets in mid-2005 based on the existing 940-pin socket. AMD64 dual-core processors for the client market are expected to follow in the second half of 2005.

Firefox reaches 25 million desktops

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That’s the message this week from the Mozilla Foundation, whose Web browser Firefox has surpassed 25 million downloads in 100 days.

Mozilla, which released the free 1.0 program in November, says an average of 250,000 people download Firefox every day and more than half a million Web sites feature Firefox promotions. The group promotes the program as an alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which has become a target for computer virus writers and other security exploits.

“What was just a small flame 100 days ago has since exploded into a phenomenal demonstration of the power of open source,” lead Firefox architect Blake Ross wrote on a blog. “Tens of thousands of devoted users and fans are a powerful and capable force of change.”

Source: News.com

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