The Ultimate Portable Media Player

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Imagine a new portable device that can play mp3, display pictures, record and display video (PVR), surf the internet, write and receive emails, have a calendar, notes and a phone book. A device that you can play games with it, has a 40GB drive and you can install any other application that you want. All that at a price range of $300-$400.

Well unfortunately this device does not yet exist, and I guess that a lot of people would like to have such a device so the question is who can make it. Well the answer is pretty simple. You see almost all the functionality I mentioned above exists in today’s PDAs.

A company like PALM can easily add a micro drive to the Zire PDA, write software to record video (it already have a media player), and you have this ultimate PDA.

Of course they’ll need to add a couple of buttons, and design an easy way of navigating between the media files but they already have more than 90% of the components required for this device.

Modern mp3 players have some PDA abilities, with many PDA functions added to today’s players, such as calendar and phone book it is only natural to have one device that has it all.

Today a PDA can play mp3, display video and pictures, and do almost anything that a regular desktop can do. The problem is that it does not have enough disk space, so by adding a 40GB micro drive, a video in/out, and might even push it by adding an FM tuner to the PDA, you open yourself to endless possibilities.

In order to distinguish the product line PALM will probably name it differently, something like Palm Media (or even abandon the PDA acronym and change it to something like PMC – Personal Media Companion) and with a slick design and affordable price tag, who can resist such a device? It might even be the thing that will pull out the company from its decline in sales, by going in to new hot market of music and movie lovers.

Of course this is just my opinion and Palm might or might not go that route, but it will sure be nice to have such device.

I would love to hear your opinions. What would be your ultimate companion?


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