MSN to enhance audio, video

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Microsoft on Wednesday said it will enhance audio and video features of its messaging software later this year. The company has teamed up with Logitech to provide integrated video and audio services designed to let customers see and talk to each other over MSN Messenger.

The upgraded service will be available this spring to MSN Messenger 7.0 customers in the United States and Germany, Microsoft said. The existing partnership between the two companies has resulted in the addition of Webcam functionality to the messaging service.

Source: News.com

Microsoft Patches Windows 98, ME Flaws

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It’s not such a quiet patch day for users of Microsoft Corp.’s older operating systems.

The software giant on Tuesday updated two previously released bulletins to add critical security fixes for customers running Windows 98, 98SE and ME.

The decision to release patches for Windows 98 and ME users is described as a “bonus” because of the critical nature of the vulnerabilities being addressed, a Microsoft spokeswoman said. “Those products are out of lifecycle, but we made a commitment to provide critical updates, and that’s what you’re seeing.”

She said priority was given to rolling out patches for supported products. “After further testing on the out-of-lifecycle platforms, we updated the advisories.”

The patches cover two remote code execution vulnerabilities.

The first, MS05-002, fixes a hole in the cursor and icon format handling feature that could open the door for an attacker to take complete control of an affected system.

Microsoft also added patches to MS05-015 to protect users against a remote code execution vulnerability in the Hyperlink Object Library.

Original versions of the advisories were released during the January and February patching cycles.

Source: eWeek

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