Yahoo vows to open all services to Firefox

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Yahoo has confirmed plans to allow Firefox users to access all its products and services, many of which are currently only available through Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

In February, Yahoo launched a search toolbar for Firefox but users of the open source browser were forced to revert back to IE to access some Yahoo features. For example, Yahoo Messenger users still cannot use Firefox to customise their online avatar and have to revert back to IE.

However, a Yahoo spokesperson told ZDNet Australia on Tuesday that the company would not launch any new products or services in the future without ensuring that they work on both IE and Firefox.

“Due to the explosive popularity of the Firefox browser, it has now been added to our suite of browsers to test our products against. All new products that Yahoo develops will be tested against Firefox,” the spokesperson said.

However, Yahoo would not commit to a date when all its current services – including avatar customisation – will be available to Firefox users.

Source: ZDNet


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