Wait Over for PSP

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Customer waited in line as long as 24 hours before Sony’s highly anticipated PlayStation Portable (PSP) went on sale in the wee hours Thursday. Supplies are expected to be limited, so those who do not get their device soon may have to wait for a month or longer to buy.

The wait may be worth it, according to Yankee Group’s Aditya Kishore. The device itself has garnered high praise from reviewers. And the Sony marketing machine has kicked into high gear to see that it would hit the ground running. “They’re done a great job of creating hype around the launch,” Kishore said.

The PSP, in addition to being a handheld, has Wi-Fi capability. Users can communicate with other PSP players nearby for games, or they can use the wireless connection to hook up to the Internet and challenge Web-based competition.

The PSP serves as an MP3 player and video player. While the videos will not be the lead application for such a device immediately, said Kishore, “in fairly short order, we will start to see more of that tied into a bunch of different devices. Any entertainment device today has to factor in some sort of video capabilities.”

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Nikon Cameras Now Find a Face in a Portrait Shot

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Common shooting situations have continued to pose unique challenges to casual snap-shooters, like avoiding
dark pictures and blurred subjects in portraits. Nikon engineers dared to ask, ‘How can we address these issues within the camera?’ The answer is a new suite of Nikon technology designed specifically for the Coolpix line of digital cameras that includes the proprietary Face Priority Auto Focus (AF), In-Camera Red-Eye Fix and the new D-Lighting feature. These technologies work together in conjunction with the camera to make it easier than ever to capture great pictures.

Face Priority Auto Focus Ensures Sharp Portraits. Imagine a camera smart enough to find a face in a scene. Nikon’s new Face-Priority AF can do just that when selected using the camera’s Portrait Scene Mode. As its name suggests, Face-Priority AF uses technology transparent to the user to actually identify up to three faces within a scene and then sets the camera’s focus point accordingly. The function even brackets the faces on the camera’s LCD screen and tracks the faces if they move about during composition. With multiple faces, the camera will determine its focus points based on the closest subject within the shot. The bracket shows confirmation once focus is locked and then turns green to prompt the user to take the picture. The result is crisp, sharp portraits at the press of a single button.

“Face Priority AF is a revolutionary step forward for the everyday snap shooter,” said Bill Giordano, General Manager of Marketing for Nikon Inc.” This state-of-the-art technology, makes taking beautiful snap shots as easy as turning on the camera, framing the shot and pressing the shutter release. It’s really that simple.”

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