Tip: Group Files In Windows Explorer

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When managing files in Windows Explorer, Windows XP offers a very nice view that, in many cases, can make it life easier to manage your files.

Windows XP allows you to group the files according to the headers that correspond to the sort option that you’ve selected.

For example, if you’ve sorted files by Name, XP will group them alphabetically by letter. If you’ve sorted files by Date Modified, XP will group them by time, such as Yesterday, Earlier This Week, Last Week, etc. You can easily change the group sort order by clicking a different column header.

To enable the “Show In Groupsâ€? view, follow these steps:

  • Launch Windows Explorer.
  • Go to View -> Arrange Icons By -> Show In Groups.

Sun seeks to solve Java memory, execution issues

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Sun Microsystems Laboratories (Sun Labs) is working on a research effort to address issues with the memory footprint, startup and execution times when running multiple Java applications concurrently.

The Multi-Tasking Virtual Machine (MVM), developed as a prototype by Sun Labs’s Barcelona, Spain research team, is a general purpose virtual machine for executing multiple Java applications, according to a description on the java.sun.com Web site. Based on the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine and its client compiler, MVM increases the scalability of Java by hosting multiple tasks.

Although Sun officials were not available to discuss the project on Friday, Sun representatives did acknowledge the research effort. Sun Labs is the applied research and development arm of Sun.

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