90% of Companies Computers are Infected with Spyware

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Spyware is one of the most common security risks for corporations. It directly affects user privacy and is one of the main reasons why users call internal technical support centers. Recently, Panda Software updated its free online antivirus scan and repair solution “Panda ActiveScan” to also detect spyware. Since the update the data collected by Panda Software shows that 84 percent of the malware now found installed on computers is spyware. This results appear to be similar to a recent report compiled by the companies Webroot and Earthlink showing that 9 in 10 computers were found to have spyware. This means that 90 percent of computers are affected by this type of malware. What’s more, an average of 25 spyware programs were installed on the computers studied.

“Traditional antivirus solutions do not detect or remove Spyware infestations. Spyware is installed by many different methods and the infection is not usually visible to the user. These factors increase the infection rate for this type of malware,” said Patrick Hinojosa, CTO, Panda Software US.

This type of malware could pose the largest threats to business not only from the risk of user privacy, but also due to the high internal support costs spyware generates while causing instability and performance problems caused in company computers.


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