Wi-Fi on steroids

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USAToday published a very interesting article about an impressive new wireless technology called Mimo (pronounced My-moh) stands for multiple input, multiple output.

Just as performance-enhancing drugs apparently led to more home runs, Mimo in its own (perfectly legitimate) way extends the range of Wi-Fi network base stations while maintaining a speedy connection. Indeed, you can enjoy fast Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home or office, without the “dead spots” you may encounter with your current gear.

Here’s a simplified version of how Mimo works: For about a century, scientists have wanted to mitigate a natural phenomenon known as “multipath.” That’s when transmitted radio signals bounce off barriers and take multiple paths to get to a receiver, resulting in interference. In the mid-1990s, Stanford researchers determined that not only was multipath not the enemy, but that they could actually take advantage of it. So instead of sending out a single stream of data like most base stations, Mimo sends out multiple data streams simultaneously and uses multiple antennas to sort out the signals.

Read the full article @ source.

Source: USAToday


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