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The fwdOUT™ Network is a system that matches callers with other users that can complete the call for them at no charge. The only catch is that to make some calls, you have to let others use your phone. fwdOUT™is free and not to be used for commercial purposes.

The fwdOUT™ Network keeps a tally of calls that you make and that you give to others. It’s like getting a calling card that starts with a few credits. One credit is used for each call and you get credits for each call that you give. As long as your balance remains positive, you can place calls.

Many of us have free calling regions and unused minutes in our phone plans, by sharing minutes, you get expand your free access considerably. Even if you don’t have free minutes, the minutes you give might cost significantly less than those you take – balancing out in your favor in the end.

An Example:

In New York, Steve and Nick want to go backpacking through Europe this summer, and they are trying to make reservations in Korfu. The Palace doesn’t have a US number and they don’t have international dialing privileges. So, they connect their Asterisk system up to the fwdOUT™ Network and dial 394+30 26610 53103. This dialing pattern routes their call to the fwdOUT™ Network. fwdOUT™ finds the best and closest matching fwdOUT™ members through which to route call. In this case, fwdOUT™ found a system in Athens to complete the call. The call goes through the internet to Athens and then back on the Phone Network in Greece.

To learn more about this new free service check out fwdOUT™ Network


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