Tech giants explore ‘hybrid’ DVDs

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Technology giants Toshiba and Sony are in talks to come up with a compromise on the next generation of DVD format.

The two have been pushing different formats which has so far split movie studios and technology firms.

Toshiba, with NEC and Sanyo, is promoting the HD-DVD format, while Sony’s Blu-ray technology is backed by a group including Dell and Samsung.

Both want to avoid a format war. The next generation of DVDs will store much more, including high-definition video.

Toshiba said a single “hybrid” format would be better for people and it said it would aim for that as a compromise.

Sony is reportedly pushing Blu-ray’s disc structure and HD-DVD software technology as a hybrid solution.

Toshiba wants to use HD-DVD’s disc structure, which is closer to that of DVDs now, and use Sony’s multi-layer data recording technology.

Blu-ray discs can store 50GB of high-quality data, while Toshiba’s HD-DVD can hold 30GB.

Source: BBC News


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