Google Desktop Search Goes Corporate

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One-Stop Searching for Employees

  • Search desktop files, the corporate intranet and global Internet all from one search box
  • Instantly find vital corporate email, files, web history, even instant messages
  • View web pages visited, even when not online

Centralized Administration and Security for the Enterprise

    * Administer control of all configuration settings. For example, restrict the indexing of secure sites, specific file types, or particular domains
    * Test and validate new software versions before deploying
    * Support for index encryption to protect the search index from unauthorized access

Easy Deployment for Everyone

  • Free download and unlimited, enterprise-wide use
  • Easy centralized deployment via the industry-standard installer
  • Centrally managed software update administration

In addition to Lotus Notes, Google Desktop Search is the first desktop search tool to access the full text of a user’s web page history and the only one to search AOL instant messages. Google works with most popular email clients, most popular file types (including text, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, MP3, image, audio, and video files) and web pages viewed using popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape).
Integration with Google Search Appliance
Google Desktop Search for Enterprise also offers full integration with the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini to deliver search results and convenient one-stop-searching from the desktop, intranet and Google.com.

Google Desktop Search for Enterprise is free and available at http://desktop.google.com/enterprise/. An optional premium support package is available, which includes access to information and assistance from Google experts, guaranteed response time on requests, and escalation for critical issues.


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