63% Of Corporations Plan To Read Outbound Email

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A recent survey of 332 technology decision-makers at large u.s. companies reveals a growing concern over sensitive information leaving the enterprise through email.

In its 2005 study on outbound email security and content issues, email security vendor Proofpoint found that more than 63% of corporations with 1,000 or more employees either employ or plan to hire workers to read outbound email.
Why? companies are highly concerned about preventing leaks of trade secrets, enforcing corporate email policies, and complying with regulations that affect email usage.

Keith Crosley is director of market development for Proofpoint:
“Survey respondents estimated that almost 25% of outbound email contains content that poses a legal, financial or regulatory risk. We also found that 27% of companies have terminated an employee due to email misuse in the past year alone.”

Source: Download proofpoint report on outbound email


4 Responses to “63% Of Corporations Plan To Read Outbound Email”

  1. YourTechSupport Says:

    For large corporations, in such a high-liability marketplace, I’m surpirised this isn’t already being done openly. I can understand the need for tracking what might slip out of a company via email.
    Some companies already employ keyword and content scanning on outbound emails.

    We need to keep in mind that some users will also be using web-based mail services, many of which have the capacity to carry multi-megabyte file attachments.

    Of course, you can’t beat the ultimate method of high-capacity trade-secret transportation: Walking out with the Hard Disk.

  2. Andres Iribarren Says:

    I understand this kind of problem is a common one.
    I’m working as a developer for a Internet corporation, much of my work I deal with credit cards and sensible data. For me it’s too easy to download data and place it in a USB Disk without anyone to be suspicious about it, or simply send all my emails encrypted using free tools available anywhere. (example: GPG + Thunderbird + Enigmail)
    In the other hand I read sometimes personal e-mails during the day in my office at work, and who wish to have a big brother looking over your shoulder all the time?. I know this corporation is sniffing on me, it’s sniffing on me using keyloggers in the local machine, reading chats not encrypted, reading outbound mails, keeping a track of every page I have ever visited. I think this is just absurd. If I intended to do harm to this corporation I would not do it while I’m at work.
    Now there is a second problem attached to all this. Let’s pretend for a second that we need to send a password to a new developer in another office via e-mail. I know I’m being watch, the person who is watching will see the password. Then if someone steals sensible data using that password, who is responsible?. I won’t be held as guilty when I don’t know how many people has access to sensible data.

  3. Michael Williamson Says:

    There is a sucker born every minute. A lot of information leaks are unintentional, and some are the result of deliberate social engineering. Regardless of the intent, these leaks are destructive…I don’t blame organizations with information to protect for being this pro-active (and intrusive).

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