802.11n (MIMO) Will Revolutionize Wireless Networking

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With current (pre) 802.11n devices you’ll get about 800% greater coverage and 600% greater speeds than standard 802.11g. It is inevitable that wireless networks will evolve to more than just surfing the net. Consumer electronics devices will integrate 802.11n technology to stream media across your home. Cable and satellite digital video recorders could transmit video across rooms without cables, you’ll be able to stream media from your computer seamlessly to your stereo and TV.

Having such high bandwidth and coverage, you could have wireless phones that will use VOIP (Voice Over IP), you could even have wireless video phone to roam in and around your house.

With the inevitable demise of current 802.11b/g technologies you should probably start to see great deals on old wireless hardware as they make way for the new WiFi revolution.

Right now you can find pre 802.11n hardware from several manufacturers such as Linksys, Belkin, D-Link, Netgear and Metalink. Intel Corp has also announced that they’ll integrate 802.11n with future Centrino.

802.11n will revolutionize the way we use wireless networks with a growing number of multimedia devices and better networking experience utilizing the high bandwidth and range promised.

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