Hacker Erased Spammer鈥檚 Database

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The Israeli National Institute of Standards have being practicing in a controversial activity. In the name of 鈥渉elping to inform the public鈥? the National Institute of Standards hired a company to send email messages thru the company鈥檚 distribution list (in other words spam list).

An Israeli hacker tired of getting these spam messages have taken an action and hacked to the server where the email database is stored. After he got access to the database he deleted all the data from the spammer鈥檚 database, deleted all user names and passwords to the database and changed the database鈥檚 admin password.

After the third time I got these spam messages I managed to hack into their management system and deleted their entire database, said the hacker, identified himself as Anti-Spammer.

Source: Ynet (Hebrew)


49 Responses to “Hacker Erased Spammer鈥檚 Database”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    this guy/girl should get an award!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Give that guy a job!! Full time.

  3. lo0o0ol Says:

    this guy can have my baby

  4. OIF2_IFTE Says:

    Sounds like something I would have done if I wasnt smart enough to install spam blockers on my computer. If this story is partly tru I owe fellow 31337 props for how he helped so many.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    that guy has mad skillz

  6. zbeat Says:

    well it’s not likley to reduce the 10k a day in spam my servers get.
    but hat’s off to this person.
    slam a spammer today

  7. Paulo Says:

    Dang man… go you…
    We really need like a full government partition devoted to only people like you. Not that the U.S. Senate would know what the word “Hacker” or “Spam” mean… heh

  8. RancidLM Says:

    A new Aged Hero

  9. Bruce Says:

    hackers everywhere unite for the spam offensive

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I do not forgive

  11. w32.n00b.worm Says:

    I haven’t slept in months……..

  12. Family guy Says:


  13. Tricky Says:

    1337-o-rific guyz! Wow, that kicks ass. THIS is what government money should be spent on!

  14. Yac Says:

    Hacker pwned their ass like a frag in CS :P

    Great job dude.

  15. I hate Spam Says:

    you should do this more often! Atteck other Spam Databases! We can win this war!

  16. t03kn33 Says:

    h3ck y35!! d13 3v1l 5p@mm3r5!!

  17. Staonko Says:

    i had a pony. pony eat up all the poo-poo spam and poop-head all the bad spam spammers.

    have a day.


  18. APPLOL Says:

    LOL LMFAO. When I saw this shit I coulnt stop laughing for about 10 min. LOL

  19. Soludos2 Says:

    My kind of hacker, there should be companies that hire these people to do it full time!

  20. Apophis Says:

    Sweet! Highly commendable.

  21. Undercover! Says:

    I’ve Hacked into my own computer once does that count :P
    Good job there buddy… couldnt of done it better myself… NO MORE ISRAELI SPAM WOOHOO!

  22. tusk Says:

    all the hackers should just donate and thirty minutes or so a day, from thier usual hack-tivities, and try to anhiliate the spammers. maybe then they wouldn’t get such a bad wrap.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    awsome! a hacker for the good of man kind

  24. Anonymous Says:

    awesome…he’s got my full respect:)

  25. Anonymous Says:

    he should have started with adding the Israeli National Institute of Standards CO:s to the spamlist and see what happens..

    And ofcourse delete the rest of the names from the list…

  26. US-Sysadmin Says:

    I wish this guy would “open source” his methods, so the rest of us could join the battle! I have DREAMED of doing something like that!!

  27. IP Says:

    Israeli National Institute of Standards has a backup, so they can restore database and continue spamming. Resonance they get from the press about a ‘Hack” may deter them from continuation.

  28. bothersome Says:

    Oops… forgot the where statement:

    delete from database

  29. Moe Says:

    That hacker pwned those n00b spammers. He is teh pwnage.

  30. Seal Says:

    He did his Homework

  31. spelchek Says:

    Hooray for modern day Robin Hood!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    you beauty!

  33. Atul Says:

    hahah wonderful Way to go mr.Hacker

  34. me Says:

    wow man your my new hero!!!!!

  35. IO ERROR Says:

    Hacker deletes spammer’s database

    Sick of spam? Isn’t it time to fight back? One hacker thought so, and hacked into the spammer’s database, deleting the entire database and changing all of the passwords.

  36. bennett Says:

    wooo that dude is the man. Someone give that guy a medal

  37. thaJack dot com Says:

    Tired of Spam?

    If you’re tired of spam, just do what this guy did.
    A hacker, who identified himself as Anti-Spammer decided he’d had enough.

    鈥淎fter the third time I got these spam messages I managed to hack into their management system and deleted t…

  38. Donar Says:

    What he did was good, because he did that in good faith & I am happy that it will reduce the junk male but its vigilante kinda behaviour and still illegal.

  39. CoffeeBear.net Says:

    Pukka’s Links of the Week

    Surprise, there weren’t any links from Pukka this week1 but I did run across a few worth noting:

    Google Moon: “In honor of the first manned Moon landing, which took place on July 20, 1969, we鈥檝e added some NASA imagery to the Google M…

  40. James Says:

    Hats Off!

    Keep up the Good Work!

  41. Jpahet Says:

    That is so hot. Let’s hope he doesn’t have it backed up somewhere :)

    Keep up the great work and lets see how many more we can take offline.

  42. digitalky.com Says:

    Obviously his provider does not use Vircom Modus Mail
    they should seriously look into this!

    I have never found a more stable and more effective spam and antivirus email system, built in sieve scripts and Norman data defense anti viri !

    Hats off to Anti-Spammer for doing what so many others would like to do !

  43. rntr200 Says:

    So how was it done a port that was left open? A vurnability on a site? I like the bit how you changed the admin pass.

  44. Dominus_Orbum Says:

    This guy is God.

  45. webmaster Says:

    Hahaha………………..I still spamming everyday…….. more than 1 million mails …….http://manelog.com

  46. steffen Says:


    We need more of those type of hackers! Give them money for that!

    All my respect for that dude :D

  47. MODSonair.com - MODSonline.com Podcast » Blog Archive » MODSonair Episode 003 Says:

    […] An Israeli hacker deletes the database of a SPAMMER. http://www.aviransplace.com/… […]

  48. Fraud Mail News Says:

    Spammer鈥檚 Database:

  49. ruskie idut Says:

    NICE!!!! this is awseome!!! GIVE EM A JOB.

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