Google loses AdWords trade mark case in the US

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A US district court has ruled against Google in a trade mark action over the sale of the terms 鈥淕eico鈥? and 鈥淕eico Direct鈥? in AdWords, its keyword advertising service. The judge found that there was infringement where the terms were used in the text of sponsored ads.

Car insurance firm GEICO sued both Google and Yahoo! subsidiary Overture in May 2004 over the sale of its registered trade marks as sponsored search terms in the keyword advertising services of both search engines.

According to GEICO, the court has stayed the trial for 30 days to give the parties an opportunity to settle. If the parties do not settle, the trial will continue on the question of damages and on the issue of who is liable: Google or Google’s advertisers.

Source: The Register


One Response to “Google loses AdWords trade mark case in the US”

  1. Oran Says:

    I really dont understand this law suit, like tomorrow some guy will sue me over a link to some site with his trade mark on the anchor.
    Its thier site and I belive they can put (almost) anything they want there.

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