USA Today to Publish Technology Magazine

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USA Today, the largest-circulation daily newspaper in the country, is launching a glossy technology magazine covering consumer electronics and trends, the newspaper announced Thursday.

The new 80-page magazine, USA Today Now Personal Technology, will launch Oct. 17 with at least 300,000 copies printed. It will be sold at newsstands across the country with a cover price of $4.95. The newspaper plans to publish the magazine once a year.

The magazine will feature articles on shopping for electronics, how to set them up at home, Q&A articles with experts, polls, and editors’ picks on key products.

Source: AP

Why Microsoft Introduced WGA Now

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In the past weeks Microsoft introduced Windows Genuine Advantage, which checks user’s computers for illegal copies of the popular operating system. One can wonder why WGA and why now? Why not starting WGA together with the future release of Windows Vista?

Although Microsoft incorporated product activation in many of its products, such as Windows XP, it did not stop hackers from cracking the activation process, and illegal copies of Windows were soon circulating around the net, and especially in P2P networks.

Users who are found to have pirated copies of Windows are encouraged to buy a legal copy at a discounted rate. In addition Microsoft cut Windows prices around the world and selling the operating system at deep discount.

These steppes by Microsoft made me think why Microsoft lowering prices, creating cheap trimmed down versions of Windows XP and fighting piracy with new tools other than product activation. Well the conclusion I could come with is Microsoft is making a clearance sale before the release of Windows Vista.

Japan Aims To Create 3D TV By 2020

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Imagine watching a football game on a TV that not only shows the players in three dimensions but also lets you experience the smells of the stadium and maybe even pat a goal scorer on the back.

Japan plans to make this futuristic television a commercial reality by 2020 as part of a broad national project that will bring together researchers from the government, technology companies and academia.

The targeted “virtual reality” television would allow people to view high-definition images in 3D from any angle, in addition to being able to touch and smell the objects being projected upwards from a screen parallel to the floor.

Source: News.com

Amazon Opened Sex Store

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The online largest retailer, Amazon.com quietly opened a sex shop featuring about 40,000 products from adult toys, condoms, adult games, and other sex related products.

The new sex store called Sex & Sensuality has four categories: Safer Sex, Sensual Delights, Sexual Enhancers and Adult Toys & Games from which you can choose your product.

Vista Testers Exposed

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Microsoft’s Vista Beta 1, which was released last month, has a peer-to-peer networking feature enabled by default. The feature uses a new version of Microsoft’s peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) and connects to other beta machines as soon as an Internet connection is available. Needless to say, this poses a security risk for beta testers.

Source: TechRepublic

Sony Shuffles The Beans

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In an attemt to fight the iPod shuffle, Sony Electronics announced a new series of flash-based devices sure to be a feast for the ears as well as the eyes.

Bright and colorful, the compact NW-E300-series sport a sassy design and come in such tasty colors as coconut white, tropical ice blue, cotton candy pink and licorice black.

The new Walkman Bean™ models are available in 512 MB and 1 GB capacities with a built-in FM tuner. They also feature the long battery life, quick-charge function and brilliant displays.

“These new players incorporate our most coveted features in a fresh design that’s unlike anything in the market today,” said Kelly Davis, senior product manager for portable audio at Sony Electronics. “They’re a playful and easy way to enjoy digital music; just looking at them makes you want to smile.”

Sony Bean
Sony’s Bean MP3 Player (source)

The devices easily play back both MP3 and ATRAC3®/3plus™ music files, in addition to supporting WMA and WAV formats. They are compatible with Sony’s Connect™ online music store and include SonicStage® software to import, manage and transfer music collections.

The brilliant OEL (organic electroluminescence) display is light and bright, making it easy to view track and title information. To offer even greater utility, the display can easily change orientation to satisfy left-handed and right-handed music lovers alike. And a time/calendar function conveniently displays the time and date.

For added convenience, the players have a pop-up USB jack that connects directly to a PC for charging and transferring music. They provide up to 50 hours of continuous playback on a rechargeable battery and feature a quick-charge function that enables about three hours of playback on a time-saving, three-minute charge. In fact, an 80% charge can be obtained in about 45 minutes.

Available in October online at SonyStyle.com, at Sony Style retail stores and at authorized dealers nationwide, the 300-series Walkman Bean players will come supplied with color coordinating earbuds.

Virus Shuts Down Customs Computer System

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Travelers arriving in the United States from abroad were stuck in long lines at airports nationwide when a virus shut down a U.S. Customs computer system for several hours, officials said.

Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke said the virus impacted computer systems at a number of airports Thursday night, including those in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Laredo, Texas.

Knocke said customs agents immediately switched to manual inspections. He declined to provide details on where the computer virus originated.

The computer problem originated in database systems located in Virginia and lasted from around 6 p.m. until about 11:30 p.m., said Zachary Mann, spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in southern Florida.

Source: AP

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