Why Microsoft Introduced WGA Now

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In the past weeks Microsoft introduced Windows Genuine Advantage, which checks user鈥檚 computers for illegal copies of the popular operating system. One can wonder why WGA and why now? Why not starting WGA together with the future release of Windows Vista?

Although Microsoft incorporated product activation in many of its products, such as Windows XP, it did not stop hackers from cracking the activation process, and illegal copies of Windows were soon circulating around the net, and especially in P2P networks.

Users who are found to have pirated copies of Windows are encouraged to buy a legal copy at a discounted rate. In addition Microsoft cut Windows prices around the world and selling the operating system at deep discount.

These steppes by Microsoft made me think why Microsoft lowering prices, creating cheap trimmed down versions of Windows XP and fighting piracy with new tools other than product activation. Well the conclusion I could come with is Microsoft is making a clearance sale before the release of Windows Vista.

Next year Microsoft is expected to come out with the next version of Windows operating system, Windows Vista. Windows Vista will probably have an improved anti piracy feature which will make it more difficult for users to use a pirated OS.

Like most releases of new operating systems, a lot of users will upgrade to the new OS.

By selling as many Windows XP licenses as possible, many of the users who are 鈥渇orced鈥? to buy Windows XP will probably also buy a new copy of Windows Vista, thus paying Microsoft for two operating systems, instead of just one if Microsoft where to start WGA with the release of Windows Vista.

WGA is a very smart move by the software giant increasing the bottom line, but it might also be dangerous for the long future. Although not so computer savvy users will purchase a legal copy of Windows, the computer savvy users who do not want to pay for operating system will find a way to hack crack copy and borrow the operating system. But if these users could not get their hands on a 鈥渇ree鈥? copy, they will eventually seek refuge in an alternate operating system like Linux, and their number might reach the critical mass for Linux users to persuade other to switch to a non Windows OS, thus hearting Microsoft in other fronts such as Office and other Windows software the software mammoth sells.


17 Responses to “Why Microsoft Introduced WGA Now”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    M$ is having Windows clearance sale !

  2. Jason Says:

    Always a conspiracy. Getting back to reality, it makes sense they would release WGA before Vista so they can have time to thoroughly test it before the new OS launches, plus it helps protect XP from piracy in the meantime.

  3. Dylan Says:

    OK reality check here. Proof Of Concept

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’m no fan of M$ware, but if the usual Windoze user tries to “seek refuge in an alternate operating system like Linux”, they’re going to keep right on seeking. Though there are those who are trying to do something about that, Linux usability is still extremely poor, especially for novices.

  5. JC_SoCal Says:

    I am using a genuine windows version that came with my laptop, but I’m getting tired of so much activation and verification process that I am considering Linux as an alternative, Linux programmers are getting a more friendly and easier to use UI than before (for me that was the reason why I didn’t move to linux before, because it was to difficult).

    I strongly believe that the reason there’s so much piracy with Microsoft products it’s that these products are so expensive (even at discounted rates); I’m not saying they should give them away for free but if they only charge a even smaller prices for their products, they will be more accesible for the regular Joe to go and buy them (not everybody makes 45+ thousand a month).

  6. Walterius Says:

    Linux wil keep getting easier and M$ will keep getting harder. One day M$ may sink if they don’t change their ways. Remember IBM in the 1960s? At one time they ruled the world.

  7. Speedsoft.com Says:

    In response to JC_SoCal, I totally agree that the problem is that the price is so high. We provide IT to many businesses, and the software costs are staggering for them and for us. If only the price was lower, piracy would be nowhere as prevelant as it is.

  8. Rico Says:

    Reality check. There will not be a mass switch to an alternate OS anytime in the even remote near future. Too many companies have to many $ invested in hardware and software and networks. Personal users are so used to and comfortable with Windows for so long and also have an investment in software and time to learn that software. Someday maybe, but not in the next couple decades at least.

  9. JP Says:

    Just paste the following into IE address bar and press enter, all is solved:-



  10. Mihai (mik_t) Says:

    i’m running linux ubuntu for about the same time the new WGA was released in april. still using winXp but so far … for regular use ubuntu responds very well to my needs. Ubuntu is free and it comes with Gnome included… and a hell of a lot of other free goodies like open office, firefox … etc. They’ll even ship it to u for free :). Now That is cool.

    As for M$. they could lower theyr prices to an afordable range. for example … i’m from romania… where the mid income / month is around 350-400 USD. an XP Professional licience costs about 200$, Office Basic suite (Word and Excel) is about 250$ too. So u ‘d better belive it i will use a cracked version of it :).

    As Rico said… will take time for ppl to shift to other OS. but rigt now here… ppl like me… had already migrated to linux. Simple ppl will shift more rapidely, companies will probably not… but there are signs of interests for non-Windows OS, at least for those companies who have PC’s for common use(document typing, mail and such).

  11. haha Says:

    this wga is nothing i still have a script that turns wga off and i can recieve updates from windows update as needed…

  12. haha Says:

    for that paste in the address bar, why don’t you just download a program called trixie and search for WGA workaround. just goto google and type in trixie and then after you download that type in wga workaround. trixie may nee net.framework so youll have to search for that if you already don’t have it installed. after trixie is installed copy and paste the wga workaround script into the script folder of trixie. Start IE 6 or 7 whatever and goto tools, there should be a selection for trixie options. Open that and make sure wga workaround is selected, now you can download updates right from microsoft updates

  13. haha Says:

    Microsoft will never keep windows from being cracked, even windows vista will be cracked, probably the next day it is released hahaha.

  14. Elomis Says:

    More brain donors cackling that they have the nouse to crack Windows XP. It’s not complicated to bypass security measures, it’s not complicated to jack someone’s DVD player. It’s wrong to make illegitimate copies of software and rip companies off that invest millions into making our lives easier, and at the same time putting downward pressure on salaries for software developers who slaved their guts out at college or in private study to learn how to produce software. Pirates are the worst sort of space cadets.

  15. Gazza Says:

    As I also went to collage to learn both C and visual basic I can understand some point raised on here. BUT it’s not the programmer’s that make all the money from the software. I think that linux will do very well if Microsoft keep going the way they are. I have Suse linux 10 installed as a duel boot system with windows and find now that it is getting very easy to use compared to when I was at collage and using for C programming. And best of all it its mainly free come on Microsoft do the right thing make your operating software free and sell your other products IE office and server software.

  16. NufSed Says:

    I read that some 30% of xp fails the validation. If MS would sell their software at a fair price no one would care about hacking it, and the amount of copies sold would surely make up for the difference in price. What gets me is, I own a computer store and MS sells to large retailers, WalMart, BestBuy, etc at such a reduced price that I have to nearly give it away at cost to stay competitive in price! I for one have setup a linux machine and I am encouraging my customers to play with it. presently just under 1/3 of the new systems I sell are linux and not one of those customers have come back to change. If I can’t make anything selling windows then I can add linux with the free software to go with it. Deduct the 85.00 for windows and I sell more systems! YES people ARE moving away from MS!

  17. ZetaByte Says:

    Although I own a legit copy of XindozeXP - really I do - I still defeat WGA, and never tell MicroSloth anything about my computing activities. Reasons: If MS would sell a quality product, and a reasonable cost, I’d purchase a separate copy for each of my dozen computers. However, after all the countless hours of time I’ve wasted, chasing Windoze idiosyncrasies to the ground, installing scores of security patches, and the like, I feel like they OWE ME for the time I’ve spent getting their JunkWare to work! So, I’ll continue to buy one(1) copy, and then hack it to work on multiple machines. No apologies from me!

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