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Student held over online mugging

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Police in Japan have arrested a Chinese student over the use of a network of software “bots” to steal items in an online role playing game (RPG).

Players were attacked in the game, Lineage II, and their items were then sold for cash on auction sites.

The attacks were carried out using automated bots, which are difficult for human game players to defeat.

The student, who was abroad on an exchange program, was arrested in the Kagawa prefecture of southern Japan.

In Japan, as in England, there are no specific laws to govern trade in virtual possessions.

Source: BBC

Apple Extends iMac Warranty

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Apple Computer late Thursday said it was extending the warranty of its first-run iMac G5 desktop computers for a full year because of ongoing power and video problems on some machines.

The warranty extension applies only to iMac G5s sold between September 2004, when the line debuted, and June, 2005, that have scrambled or distorted video, no video, or no power. The affected models feature 17- and 20-inch displays with 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz G5 processors.

Source: TechWeb

U.S. Colleges Struggle to Combat Identity Theft

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Despite their image as leafy enclaves of higher learning shielded from the real world, universities across the United States are finding themselves on the front lines of the battle against identity theft.

With their huge databases, universities may rival financial institutions as attractive targets for the crime, estimated to affect over 9 million Americans a year at the total cost of more than $50 billion, experts said.

Nearly half of the publicized incidents of data breach since January occurred at universities, according to the San Diego-based Identity Theft Resource Center.

The focus on campus computer security comes as pending legislation in Congress seeks to address on a national level the growing problem of identity theft, in which criminals steal personal information so they can impersonate the victim to obtain credit and drain money from financial accounts.

Source: eWeek

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