Companies Offer Cell-Phone Comics in Japan

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Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. will almost triple the number of comic books it formats for viewing on cell phones in a move that will make it the No. 1 provider of popular Japanese “manga” comics for cell phones, a company official said Monday.

The Sony Corp. unit will increase the number of titles it offers to 300 over the next year. That’s more than double the number offered by top rivals NTT Solmare and Toppan Publishing combined, though the two competitors also plan to boost their libraries.

Japanese viewers pay 315 yen ($2.90) to download five manga titles a month by an artist of their choice.

The marriage between cell-phone technology and manga comic books, which are wildly popular across all ages in Japan, is a natural progression in a nation where people already download music, games and even novels onto their mobiles.

Source: AP


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