Video games make children violent

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Fresh debate raged over violence in video games after new research concluded that kids who blast away for hours are more aggressive, clash with their elders and can lag behind at school.

Children who chop and slash through karate games, for instance, apparently tend to try out moves on friends, while teachers have noticed that pupils who play violent games are more aggressive than those who don’t, the research found.

The research is fuelling a campaign by family values groups and latched on to by some US politicians against sex and violence in video games, which recently forced makers of one release, the famed “Grand Theft Auto” to halt production.

Young gamers “tend to imitate the moves that they just ‘acted out’ in the game they played,” said Kevin Kieffer, of Saint Leo University in Florida, co-author of an assessment of 20 years of research into the issue.

Source: AFP


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