AMD Calls Intel Out With Chip Challenge

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Advanced Micro Devices dared rival Intel to put its server processors to the test in head-to-head competition, part of a public challenge AMD issued Tuesday.

The challenge, issued in the form of advertisements in major American newspapers, was timed to coincide with the the first day of the Intel Developer Forum, held in San Francisco.

AMD said it would pit its highest-performing, dual-core Opteron 200-series or 800-series chips up against the “corresponding Intel X86 server processors that are commercially available in volume”. If Intel were to accept the challenge, the test would take place in an upcoming third-party testing lab, “using industry-standard server benchmarks most relevant to customers today”, according to AMD, including SPECjbb and SPECweb, as well as measurements of energy consumption.

AMD said they had launched a web site to monitor the duel’s progess, www.amd.com/duel, and would update the site periodically. The site was down early Tuesday morning. AMD also plans to sponsor an online petition in September, presumably to encourage Intel to accept the challenge.

Source: ExtremeTech


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