Intel To Develop Wireless USB

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Intel announced two new initiatives Wednesday that could help computer users get rid of the “rat’s nest” of cables behind their desks.

The chipmaker, which made the announcement during the Intel Developer Forum here, is one of several companies that have been trying to make the Wireless Universal Serial Bus specification more common to PCs and other consumer electronics. Similar to USB cables, the wireless version of the interconnect technology lets people easily connect a device with PCs and other gear.

Now in an effort intended to spur adoption of Wireless USB, Intel said it is working with Microsoft, NEC, Philips, Texas Instruments and others on a new specification called the Wireless Host Controller Interface (WHCI). The specification will define a standard method in which a Wireless USB device can communicate with a PC’s software, and, executives hope, could accelerate industry development of interoperable Wireless USB products.

“The WHCI specification will let us bring out Wireless USB products that are interoperable in 2006,” said John Howard, Intel’s principal architect for certified Wireless USB.

Source: News.com


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