Creative Wins Patent For MP3 Player Interface

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Creative Technology said Tuesday it has been awarded a patent for a user interface found in its portable media players and in competing devices, such as Apple Computer’s iPod.

The digital entertainment company said that on Aug. 9 it received U.S. Patent No. 6,928,433, described as “automatic hierarchical categorization of music by metadata.” Creative applied for the patent–which it has dubbed the “Zen Patent,” named for its Zen music player–on Jan. 5, 2001.

According to a Creative press release, the interface “enables selection of at least one track in a portable media player as a user sequentially navigates through a hierarchy using three or more successive screens on the display of the player.” For example, when a person selects the name of an artist, the player than displays a list of albums for that artist. Selecting the album name then brings up a list of the album’s tracks.

Source: News.com


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