Zotob Arrest Breaks Credit Card Fraud Ring

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Turkish authorities have linked one of the suspects in the Zotob worm case to individuals thought to be part of a credit card fraud ring, according to the FBI.

Atilla Ekici, a 21-year-old Turk who used the nickname “Coder,” may be affiliated with people thought to be part of a credit card fraud ring in Turkey, an FBI representative said on Tuesday. Ekici was one of two men arrested last week for allegedly unleashing several computer worms, including the Zotob worm that disrupted businesses worldwide two weeks ago.

Turkish authorities have identified about a dozen individuals thought to be involved in credit card fraud. “It is believed that these individuals have links to Coder,” the FBI representative said. “The investigation is still ongoing, but there is no indication these people actually wrote or distributed the Zotob worm.”

Source: News.com


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