Tip: Block Access To Web Sites Using Route Command

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If there are some web sites you would like to block users from accessing them, there are few ways you can go. You can use IE content Advisor (but that will not block other browsers), You can use third party tool (such as Firewall – but that costs money in most cases), you can use the Hosts file (will be explained in a future tip) or you can block access to specific sites using the Route command.

Every time you type an address into the browser, the operating system (i.e. Windows) will user a routing table to determine where to send the request (packets). This routing table maps the network, usually directs the packet to your gateway and then to the Internet.

Let’s get to the point. In order to block a web site, you need first to know it’s IP address (you can usually do it by using the ping command), then once you know the IP address you want to block, redirect the address to an unassigned address in your local network.

Example: Lets say you want to block sex.com Using the ping command we find out the IP address for that site is, now all we need to do is map that address to an unassigned address in out LAN. Let’s assume that the address is not assigned. So in the command prompt type: Route –p add mask

Now every time someone will try to access sex.com he will redirected to a non existing address, and will not be able to access that site.


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