Kazaa Case Reaches Climax in Australia

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A long-running court battle between Australia’s record industry and file-swapping giant Kazaa reaches a climax Monday, when a judge is to rule on whether the peer-to-peer network is no different from a photocopier or is a giant “engine of copyright piracy.”

Lawyers for major Australian record labels want Federal Court Judge Murray Wilcox to find Kazaa’s owners liable for copyright breaches and loss of income.

“We have argued file sharing on Kazaa is a breach of copyright and unfair to all those people who try to make a living by creating and producing music,” said Michael Speck, managing director of Australia’s Music Industry Piracy Investigations, a division of the Australian Recording Industry Association.

“This is a long-awaited judgment on an issue that’s critical to the music industry, artists and consumers worldwide,” he added.

The 10 defendants in the Australian case include Kazaa’s owners, Sharman Networks Ltd., Sharman License Holdings and Sharman’s Sydney-based chief executive officer, Nikki Hemming.

Source: AP


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