Australian Court: Current Kazaa System Illegal

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A court ruled Monday that popular file-swapping network Kazaa breaches copyright in Australia and gave the service’s owners two months to modify their Web site to prevent further piracy by its millions of users.

Although the ruling is only enforceable in Australia, the record industry hailed it as a victory that would resonate around the world.

“The court has ruled the current Kazaa system illegal. If they want to continue, they are going to have to stop the trade in illegal music on that system,” record industry spokesman Michael Speck said outside the court. “It’s a great day for artists. It’s a great day for anyone who wants to make a living from music.”

In a statement, Sharman said that it was “obviously disappointed that we have not been completely successful.” But it added, “we will appeal those parts of the decision where we were not successful and are confident of a win on appeal.”

Source: AP


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