Microsoft: Office 12 To Read Your Mind

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Do you hate the annoying clip that pops up on Microsoft Office suggesting stupid suggestions? Well unless there is going to be a radical UI design change, Office 12 could be much worse.

The latest version of Microsoft Corp.’s Office software will try to anticipate and automatically offer the tools a user is most likely to want during a specific task, in one of several enhancements designed to help the company best one of its biggest competitors: itself.

For years, Microsoft has struggled to give users a good reason to update from previous versions of Office, the software suite that includes Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. With Office 12, due out in the second half of 2006, Microsoft is hoping to entice users with a new system that automatically pops up what it thinks are the most relevant commands based on whether the user appears to be typing a list, editing someone else’s work or performing some other job.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was scheduled to unveil an early prototype of the new Office software at a conference for software developers Tuesday in Los Angeles

Source: AP


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