Samsung Boss Predicts Death Of Hard Drives

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Hard drives are living on borrowed time and will be replaced with solid-state Flash memory, according to Samsung’s semi-conductor CEO Dr Chang Gyu Hwang.

Hwang’s company has just launched a 16Gb NAND Flash chip using 50nm technology, something he used to make his prediction.

“NAND flash technology development continues to double density growth on an average of every 12 months,” Hwang stated. Which means his 16Gb Flash chips will move up from mobile devices, like PDAs and MP3 players to laptop hard drives.

We will, he claimed, see laptop memory cards with 32GB of memory, based on nineteen 16Gb flash chips. These will appear late in 2006 or in 2007, based on mass production of the new Samsung chips in the second part of 2006.

Source: TechWorld


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