Does Google Help Fighting Child Pornography ?

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From time to time I look at the site’s log to make sure everything runs smoothly. Well in the past few days, I’ve noticed that every day Google sends multiple requests to retrieve one particular page.

This post titled “More than 1 million child porn websites on internet?, is talking about the fact that shocking statistics revealed that more than a million websites containing child pornography are in existence on the net.

I was very surprised by Google’s fascination with that page. I must also note that these entries did not come from Googlebot but from an unknown client on Google’s network.

Web server log
Web log showing Google’s request (Click image for full size)

I tried to contact Google and ask them about this special interest they have with an article about child pornography, but up to now I did not get any response.

My guess is that Google is running a special application that tries to find child pornography sites, a noble act indeed, helping eradicate this sick phenomenal.
What do you think ?


3 Responses to “Does Google Help Fighting Child Pornography ?”

  1. Wyatt Says:

    I congratulate google if that’s waht they are actually doing, I am by far disgusted that people look at that take pictures of that or would even think about doing that to an innocent child, And if Microsoft somehow shutsdown google I will stop using there software permanately!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You go Google

  3. PacoBell Says:

    @Wyatt: What the heck does Microsoft have to do with any of this o_O?

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