Trojan rides in on unpatched Office flaw

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A new Trojan horse exploits an unpatched flaw in Microsoft Office and could let an attacker commandeer vulnerable computers, security experts have warned.

The malicious code takes advantage of a flaw in Microsoft’s Jet Database Engine, a lightweight database used in the company’s Office productivity software. The security hole was reported to Microsoft in April, but the company has yet to provide a fix for the problem.

“Microsoft is aware that a Trojan recently released into the wild may be exploiting a publicly reported vulnerability in Microsoft Office,” a company representative said in a statement sent via e-mail on Friday. The software maker is investigating the issue and will take “appropriate action,” the representative said.

The Trojan horse arrives in the guise of a Microsoft Access file, security software maker Symantec said in an advisory. When run on a vulnerable system, it would give a remote attacker full access to a compromised computer, Symantec said. The company calls the pest “Backdoor.Hesive” and notes that it is not widespread.

Source: News.com


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