Linksys Debuts Cordless Skype VOIP Handset

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A new cordless VOIP (voice over IP) handset using a PC running Skype as its base station will reach stores next week.

According to Linksys, the CIT200 allows users to make VOIP phone calls as easily as today’s cordless handsets make conventional landline calls.

The device uses DECT wireless, which Linksys says eliminates interference with 2.4GHz cordless phones and other networking devices.

The CIT200 Internet Telephony Kit includes a handset, a charger and a USB base station that plugs into a computer’s USB port.

Source: eWeek

Apple Officially Announced New Video iPod, iMac

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After the much anticipated event, where the rumors about the announcement went from new iMacs thru iTune phone to video iPods, Apple officially announced the release of several new products.

The first is a new iMac with built in camera and an iPod style remote control used to listen to music and watch movies.

The second is a new iPod video which is now has video capabilities. the new iPod has 2.5in TFT display with 320×240 pixels with real time decoding of MPEG 4 and H.264 and video out to connect the iPod to your TV. The video iPod is thinner then the current iPod and will be available in 30 and 60 GB, and costs $299, $399 respectively. The new iPod will be available in black or white.

iPod VideoiPod Black
The new iPod video (source)

To support the new video iPod a new version of iTunes is at out door step, iTuens 6 will be released very soon.
The new iTunes store will offer video clips which will cost $1.99, and also TV shows that you can purchase and download to the new iPod video.

Yahoo To Shut Chat Rooms Promoting Adult-Child Sex

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Yahoo Inc. agreed to shut down Internet chat rooms designed to promote sex between adults and children, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said on Wednesday.

The agreement is the first to institute systemwide controls over chat rooms likely to be frequented by child predators, the attorney general said.

Source: Reuters

IBM To Open Source Parts Of Rational Unified Process

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Focusing on best practices in software development, IBM on Wednesday will propose donating a portion of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) to the open source Eclipse Foundation.

Roughly 15 percent of RUP content is to be offered to Eclipse in the form of HTML pages. Specifically, IBM will submit materials pertaining to basic guidance for software development.

To be contributed as part of an effort called Project Beacon, the RUP content will become known as the Eclipse Process Framework if the foundation accepts it. A vote is anticipated in a couple of months.

An Eclipse official noted the contribution is in line with Eclipse goals. “This is a new project proposal that IBM’s putting forth. It’s about frameworks for building process tools, so it’s in our mantra for making it as easy as possible to create software,” said Ian Skerrett, director of marketing at Eclipse.

Content that is not part of the donation and that remains in IBM’s jurisdiction includes enterprise distributed development guidance. IBM will continue to offer this commercially.

The open source community has not had anything like RUP, said analyst Liz Barnett, a vice president at Forrester Research. “I think it’s good for the industry.”

IBM acknowledges that submitting part of RUP could take away some business from the company and that more RUP content could be contributed to Eclipse over time. The effort, however, is intended to help companies and software practitioners share best practices.

Source: InfoWorld

Sweden Takes First File Sharer To Court

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A Swedish man made history yesterday as the first Swede charged with file sharing.

He is accused of having a copy of the movie Hip Hip Hora (The Ketchup Effect) which he allowed others to download. Swedish anti-piracy group Antipiratbyra(APB) tipped off the police. They contacted his ISP and used his IP number to track him down.

The case has been front page news in Sweden where some 800,000 people file share.

A verdict is expected 25 October.

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Source: The Register

Google Purchases Sign-Up Page Discovered

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WebmasterBrain discovered the much anticipated sign in page for Google purchases.

Google purchases is rumored to be a payment service (a.ka. Google Wallet) to rival PayPal, the most notable of the new sub-domains were purchases.google.com, and purchase.google.com.

Although the sign up form doesn’t appear to be functional and is vague on details concerning the what the service offers, it does ask for a credit card number suggesting this indeed could be Google’s upcoming payment service.

As of now it seems that Google have removed the page, but you can view a screen shot og the page.

Source: webmasterbrain.com

U.S. Court Fines Russian-Led Spam Gang $37M

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A Superior Court judge has slapped an “Internet spam gang” with $37 million in penalties for running dozens of illegal sites peddling counterfeit drugs, pirated software and pornography.

But it’s unlikely authorities will ever see the money because the international spammers – who apparently once operated out of Massachusetts – are on the lam and perhaps in another country.

The ringleader of the group – which sent millions of e-mails to Internet users in the hopes of duping them to go to Web sites selling bogus items – was identified as Leo Kuvayev, who apparently once lived in Newton.

Kuvayev, whose cyber operations have been tracked to Russia and other countries, and his sixassociates used a Boston post office box for some of their business operations

Source: Boston Herald

MSN Messenger And Yahoo IM To Talk

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Microsoft and Yahoo are close to a pact that would allow users of their respective instant messaging services to exchange messages with one another, a source told CNET News.com on Tuesday.

The exchange of both text and voice messages is being considered, although the source stressed that details of the pact are still being finalized. The two companies are planning to announce the deal on Wednesday, the source said.

A Microsoft representative declined to comment on the matter. A Yahoo representative was not immediately available for comment.

The three major IM providers–Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL–have talked about interoperability for some time, but there has been only limited progress.

Source: News.com

Palm drops Zire, Tungsten names

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Palm updated its Zire and Tungsten handheld devices on Wednesday as part of a rebranding strategy that will now emphasize its Palm name over all others.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based PDA maker said its new handheld organizers, dubbed Z22 and TX, are available now on its online site as well as at some retail locations. Priced at $99 and $299, respectively, Palm is positioning the handhelds to sell to consumers looking for an easy entry into the PDA culture.

“Now that we own the Palm brand again, we are more focused on promoting it. People know us more for Palm than they do for Tungsten or Zire,” Palm product line manager Raj Doshi said.

Palm will keep the LifeDrive and Treo names but will refer to it as the Palm LifeDrive and Palm Treo, Doshi said.

Source: News.com

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