Stem Cell Treatment Prevents Possible Amputations

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If you have pain in your legs, it could be the first sign of a serious condition that could lead to gangrene and amputation. Now a new stem cell treatment may help patients avoid that fate.

Doctor Jeffrey Lawson says pain comes as a result of blocked arteries in the leg.

Jeffrey Lawson, M.D., Ph.D., vascular surgeon: “We designed a project to take adult stem cells isolated from a patients’ own bone marrow and inject them into the leg.”

Twelve weeks later, Winefred’s leg shows signs of regenerating blood vessels.

This new stem cell therapy is experimental. Researchers hope to eventually conduct clinical trials and recruit patients from around the country.

These stem cells are not as adaptable as embryonic stem cells, but they are showing promise in treating some conditions.

Source: ABC 7 news


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