Stem Cell Therapy Offers Heart Cure

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Two years ago Ian Rosenberg, from London, was told he had two and a half months to live. The 59-year-old had pioneering stem cell treatment which enabled his heart to repair damaged tissue.

“After the first treatment, I started to get better immediately. They take injections from the bone marrow in my hipbone. When they have enough cells they take it to a lab for “witchcraft,” as I call it. I don’t really know what they do there but two hours later I have a treatment that is a bit like an angiogram. Instead of using a stent, though, they inject the cells into the arteries in my heart.

Basically, the heart regrows the dead tissue. Even with so much scarring, my heart is pretty good now. I can go cruising, travel to America where I spend about six months of the year and walk a lot further than previously. I still can’t play 18 holes of golf; I do nine instead now.”

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Source: CNN


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