Google Print Goes To Europe

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Search giant Google Inc. has expanded Google Print, its controversial book-scanning project, into eight European countries.

Native language sites have been launched in France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. At each of the new Google Print locations, users can see snippets of the book where their search term appears.

Several European book publishers, located in Spain, Holland, France and Italy, are supplying some or all of their book collections to Google, according to published reports.

Source: PC Magazine

A “critical” Flaw In Media Player And IE

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A “critical” flaw that affects both Microsoft’s Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer has been uncovered, a security company reported late Monday.

The security flaw, which is found in the default installations of Media Player and the IE browser, could let attackers launch a remote execution of code, according to an advisory posted by eEye Digital Security.

Systems affected by the flaw include Windows XP with Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2, Windows NT, and all versions of Windows 2000.

Although eEye does not believe the vulnerability is “wormable,” the company rated it “critical” because it could allow for a remote execution of code and affects installations of Media Player and IE at their default settings, an eEye representative said.

Source: News.com

Spammer Sentenced in Closed Session

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A New York man was sentenced Monday for sending more than 9 million spam advertisements in online instant messages to members of a networking Web site in a hearing that was closed to the public. The sentence is under seal and the session was closed at the defense attorney’s request.

Anthony Greco, 18, of Cheektowaga, N.Y., agreed earlier this year to plead guilty in a deal that would result in a sentence of 18 months to two years in prison, according to federal court documents. Greco admitted sending messages to the Los Angeles-based Web site MySpace.com, threatening to share his spamming techniques with others.

Hoyt Sze of the federal public defender’s office declined to comment on the reason for the closed session and would not confirm if Greco had received the sentence outlined in the plea deal.

Federal prosecutors will ask the judge on Tuesday to make the sentence public, spokesman Thom Mrozek said.

Source: AP

Trojan masquerades as Skype update

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Cybercriminals are spreading a malicious Trojan horse under the guise of an update to Skype, e-mail security firm MessageLabs said Monday.

The Trojan horse, a variant of IRCbot, arrives in an e-mail purporting to be an update to Skype, the popular Internet telephony application. Once opened the malicious software displays a phony installation error message. It then blocks access to security updates and installs a back door on computers, MessageLabs said in a statement.

The e-mail can have one of five different subject lines, which always refers to Skype. One, for example, reads: “Skype for Windows 1.4 - Have you got the new Skype?”

Previous Next The e-mail body text advertises the Skype voice-over-IP application and urges the user to run the attached file to find out more, MessageLabs said.

Source: News.com

Microsoft Released Age of Empires III

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Microsoft Game Studios and Ensemble Studios released the next chapter in the highly successful real-time strategy game Age Of Empire 3.

Age of Empires III offers gamers the next level of realism, with advanced battle physics and great visual detail. The new game picks up where Age of Empires II: Age of Kings left off, placing gamers in the position of a European power determined to explore, colonize and conquer the New World. This time period features stunning scenes, from towering European cathedrals to courageous tribes of Native Americans, and spectacular combat with Industrial Age units like rifled infantry, cavalry and tall ships bristling with cannons.

Age of Empires III It introduces all-new gameplay elements, new civilizations to discover, random maps to conquer and a single-player campaign. A.I. opponents are well-developed characters with deep strategies, motivations, and personalities-and more than 4,000 audio taunts at their disposal New lighting and shadow effects, in a game world designed to have real physics and depth.

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