Yahoo fixes Web mail security flaw

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Yahoo has fixed a security flaw in its free Web-based e-mail service that opened the door to phishing scams, account hijacks and other attacks.

The flaw, known as a cross-site scripting vulnerability, existed because Yahoo’s Web site did not detect certain script tags in combination with certain special characters, according to SEC Consult, which issued an advisory on the flaw Friday.

A Yahoo representative said it fixed the most recent flaws in the “last few weeks” and that its users are protected.

Source: News.com

OpenOffice Packs a Powerful New Database

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OpenOffice.org’s latest update includes a database that matches Microsoft’s popular and competing Access database, experts say.

“It’s definitely a big deal,” said Stephen O’Grady, an analyst at the IT analysis firm RedMonk. “Now with the [OpenOffice.org Base], although I have not evaluated it to the extent that I can call it 100 percent at functional parity with Access, the interface is just as usable as Access. It’s quite nice.”

The stand-alone database rounds out the offering by bringing long-missing, important database power to users. Users will be able to create stand-alone databases, associated forms, reports and queries, much as with Microsoft’s extremely popular and widely used Access database.

Source: eWeek

Weekly Software Updates

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Popular software titles updated in the past week

Suit filed over Nano scratches

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Claiming that the iPod Nano has a widespread propensity for scratching easily, lawyers this week filed a class action suit against Apple Computer on behalf of those who have purchased the diminutive music player.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday on behalf of all those who have bought a Nano, alleges that Apple violated state consumer protection statutes, as well as express and implied warranties. The complaint charges that Apple knew that there were design problems with the Nano.

An Apple representative declined to comment on the suit, but Apple has stated that the Nano is made of the same polycarbonate material that’s found in previous iPods and maintained that the scratching problem does not appear to be widespread.

The lawsuit charges, however, that the Nano contains a thinner coating of resin than on previous iPod models.

Source: News.com

Microsoft Recants Exclusive Music Deals

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Microsoft Corp., already under government scrutiny over its behavior toward competitors, told manufacturers of iPod-like portable audio devices that under a new marketing program they would not be allowed to distribute rivals’ music player software but pulled back after one company protested.

The Justice Department said that the incident was “unfortunate,” but that government lawyers decided to drop the issue because Microsoft agreed 10 days later to change the proposal. The government disclosed details of the dispute in a federal court document made available Thursday.

Source: AP

RIM Ruling Risks US Blackberry Shutdown

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A U.S. appeals court on Friday denied a motion to stay a patent case against Research In Motion Ltd., bringing RIM closer to an injunction that could shut down its popular BlackBerry email service in the United States.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit denied RIM’s motion to suspend the case pending RIM’s request for a U.S. Supreme Court review.

The case goes back to 2002, when patent holding company NTP successfully sued RIM in a lower court. It won an injunction in 2003 to halt U.S. sales of the BlackBerry and shut down its service, although that ruling was stayed pending appeal.

The case will now move back to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia where it was first heard.

NTP said on Friday it will ask that the injunction be confirmed. The closely held firm said the injunction would not affect BlackBerry products used by U.S. federal, state, or local governments, where the wireless email device has become increasingly popular.

Source: Reuters

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